Last Minute Moving

At times, life can unexpectedly turn a negative turn that makes you move in no time. At Long Distance Movers Fredericton, we provide quick and efficient moving services for any type of emergency. Our team is experienced in relocating your office items on very short notice. Our trained movers use the best supplies to pack the items and ensure your goods can safely move from your home. If you trust us for your last-minute moving, Our movers gladly come to your home to swiftly and effectively pack your goods, affording you the opportunity to strategize your next steps of the move. We also provide storage for you in case you need it during the move. 

Best Packing and Unpacking

 When you have to move on the same day then you probably don’t get enough time to pack your valuables. Our team can come with useful packing supplies to pack your valuables properly and also offer you unpacking services after unloading the truck to a new place. Bubble wrap, custom crates, and packing tapes, we carry with us during the move to deal with any type of emergency. With us, you will not have to worry about the logistics as we get them all and you can focus on other important matters.

Storage Solutions

If you find it difficult to move your belongings to the new home immediately, We offer you temporary storage facilities to keep your items safe until you manage to take those items back. Our team will pack items and take them from your home to our warehouse and our storage space is under CCTV surveillance which ensures more security to your valuable assets.

Insurance and Damage Coverage

As we know moving in a short time is risky. It can lead to damage to your household items. Our team is fully insured and in case any sort of damage has occurred to the items, it will be covered through insurance.  Once you get to know about insurance coverage, you can move with us with a better peace of mind.