Storage Services

At Long Distance Movers Fredericton, we provide custom storage solutions tailored to specific storage needs. Our storage services stand apart from conventional local storage rentals. Whether you want to store a few items or you want to store all items in your home, we have a major storage space to cater to your needs. Our team can treat your household belongings with great care. We begin with meticulously packing your items on your premises and then transporting them to our storage facility. Our staff knows how important your items are and they must be moved to the storage carefully.

By trusting us you will have a sense of relief that your household items are kept safe until you take them back. We also ensure that your items will arrive in one piece from our storage to your new home i.e. secure transportation of your possessions to the designated destination. The following points underscore our commitment to being the best choice for moving and storage solutions:

Neat Storage Facility

Our storage warehouse is clean and free from pests and other potential hazards. Your possessions will remain safe and free from animal or insect damage. Our skilled movers work effortlessly and efficiently to make sure your stored items are placed perfectly in the containers and all the units are in good condition. Pest infestation has been done on a regular basis to prevent pest growth. Climate control systems have been installed in our warehouse so that the temperature will remain normal in the warehouse no matter what the outside temperature is.

Comprehensive Storage

At Long Distance Movers Fredericton, we offer both homes as well as office storage facilities. We have a big warehouse where you can place your household as well as office items. We have custom crates to keep computers, air conditioners, etc. Also, storage units are of different sizes to keep things of all sizes in them. We have the capacity to secure your goods for a specified time, be it a week, a month, or an extended period. Once your new home is ready, our team will deliver your items in your new home safely. Contact us to have the best storage service for your needs.